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  • This website is designed and made for gamers who are finding for gaming gears that they want to suit to their need and be able to preview the product and its specifications and the products details before they buy it. We want to help the user to get a better understanding of the product as there are many cases of users buying gaming products without knowing much information on it and they are not happy or unsatisfied with their received products.

    This website gives a clear desciption on the mouse the user wants to know about and it also gives the user some photos of the product itself and get a better look and understanding of the product. For that purpose of letting the user have more information on the product, this website is then made for helping people who are buying their gaming products and have no knowledge or information on the product, so they can use this website to do on some research before having to buy the product which some people would find it a waste of money when they do not like it or does not suit their style.

    I am as the creator of this website have come up with this idea as I want to help those including me to get a better understanding of gaming products before actually using money and buying it and end up regretting buying the product which is a huge waste of money and it is also hard to resell the product as people are not keen in buying second hand products and it is also not very worth to sell at a lower price compared to the price that was bought with.

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